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Jazz at Casa Berno

From 20th June to 29th June 2019

Golf week

From 5th to 12th May 2019

Autumn Hiking Week

From 6th to 13th October 2019

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Music of many different genres, film and theatre, painting and other arts: even if cultural activities hold the top positions, you should include the area around Ascona and Locarno in the list of your preferred travelling destinations – even beyond the beautiful landscape and diverse sports offers. The following pages provide an overview of the most important events. The Casa Berno itself promotes culture as well. Therefore, do not miss our own events (culture and sports), such as our jazz weekends and our art exhibition.


The New Orleans-Jazz Festival of Ascona is a summary fixed point on the Swiss Festival Agenda. More information on the Jazz-Festival

The Moon and Stars Festival More information on Moon & Stars

The music weeks of Ascona, the most important classical music festival of Italian Switzerland. More information on Settimani Musicali


From small beginnings, the Teatro Dimitri has developed into one of the most-played-in and most important small theatre in Switzerland in the last 30 years. A big one among the smaller ones. More information about Teatro Dimitri!
Street Artist Festival Ascona
From Friday, 7th al 10 th June 2019

At the Festival Artisti di Strade, street artists from many countries perform their tricks in all corners of Ascona for 4 days.

100 shows with mimic art, theatre, juggling, music, fire performance, clowns, and so on, are waiting for the visitors. The artists will pass their hats through an enthusiastic audience at the end of their show.
72th Film festival Locarno
Up to 8000 spectators meet on the Piazza Grande under the starry sky in front of one of the largest screens in the world (26 x 14 m).

The multifaceted programme offers innovative and author’s films as well as films for the great audience, of famous directors and young, unknown cineasts from different countries.
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