New Orleans a ristorante La Terrazza

21 to 28 June

The true soul of the New Orleans jazz pioneers resonates in sounds of the Berno Brothers. The six formidable musicians return to 'Home'.

In 2024, the international band will again stop in the jazz capital south of the Alps: Ascona and the hotel from which it takes its name.
To start the summer, there is nothing better than relaxing at a table in Casa Berno, delighting in a jazz concert in front of the spectacular Lake Maggiore landscape.
Awaiting you are John Richardson, piano; Emile Martyn, drums; Bob Culverhouse, bass; Luc Van Hoeteghem, banjo/guitar; Philippe De Smet, trombone and Uli Wunner, sax/clarinet.
Five concerts are scheduled:
  • Friday 21 June, from 6.45pm to 10pm, will feature BBQ Night at La Terrazza di Casa Berno.
  • Sunday 23 June, from 11.15 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., an unmissable Jazz MatinĂ©e, again at La Terrazza.
  • On Monday 24 June, from 8.45 to 10.30 p.m., the Panorama Bar will host the Berno Brothers' Jazz Session.
  • Thursday 27 June, another Jazz MatinĂ©e, from 11.15 am to 1.30 pm.
  • Friday 28 June, grand finale with the Jazz Night at La Terrazza di Casa Berno, from 6.45 pm to 10 pm.
During the days of the Ascona Jazz Festival, Casa Berno also offers the thrill of being musically transported to the banks of the Mississippi.
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